The HETblog is live!

2. November 2022


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The HETblog is live!

In order to provide you with even better support on practical issues in the future, we have launched the HETblog: With current topics, questions, recommendations as well as practical tips around filtration, containment and explosion protection and other technologies, we offer you comprehensive information around filtration systems and processes.

In our regular articles, we show you how you can future-proof your company, select filter systems to suit your production processes, and ensure safety for employees and production processes while complying with legal and physical requirements:

  • What criteria must filters and filter systems in companies fulfill?
  • Which filter solutions are suitable for ensuring safety for employees and high product quality?
  • And what regulations and measures must be observed for safe work with explosion protection?

Our first blog article provides you with important decision-making aids on the topic of “Containment in the pharmaceutical industry”: We have summarized five criteria for you that you should consider to improve employee and product protection in order to find the right system for your production processes.

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