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Our main objective in the field of filter system engineering is to provide high-quality, customized solutions that are precisely tailored to the individual needs of our customers. We recognize the complexity involved in selecting and configuring the right filtration system, and our engineering team specializes in simplifying and optimizing this process.

The engineering behind our filter systems is based on close cooperation with our customers. Through intensive exchange with our expert teams, we gain deep insights into the specific requirements and challenges that each application entails. Our engineering approach focuses on developing innovative solutions and concepts that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. This collaborative engineering process ensures that each filter system is optimally configured to achieve maximum efficiency and performance.

Customers can rely on our engineering expertise when it comes to not only understanding their requirements, but also implementing them. Our engineering expertise guarantees that the final filter system is not only functional and efficient, but also meets the highest quality standards. With our comprehensive engineering service, we ensure that every filter system is a customized solution that is precisely tailored to the individual technical and operational requirements of our customers.

Technical data

User Requirement Specification

An individual concept, suitable for your requirements

Upon request, we support our customers in creating a User Requirement Specification (URS) or develop a concept based on a given URS. We place great emphasis on detailed functional and design specifications as well as the preparation of installation, operating and design qualifications. Our comprehensive documentation of the plant ensures transparency and traceability.

Our range of services includes plant design and system conception, air management, for example piping design, and containment measurements. We also provide qualification and validation services, including the development of a URS and comprehensive documentation of the qualification. In addition, we can provide accessories such as fans to offer a holistic solution.

Technical data


Our loanS at a glance

  • Plant design, system conception
  • Air management (e.g. piping design)
  • New solutions and concepts for your application area
  • Qualifications and validations,
    Development of a URS and documentation of the qualification
  • Containment measurements
  • Accessories, such as fans

Quality management

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Our quality management includes a variety of measures to ensure that we achieve and continuously improve our quality goals.

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