Our containment technology provides safe protection against hazardous substances.

Double HEPA filtration to maintain air purity
Safe-Change and Wet-in-Place system for filter changes
Dust discharge as endless liner with surrounding glove box

Our containment

For safe protection against highly active substances

Particularly in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, very high demands are placed on filter technology. Here, it is important not only to protect the environment from hazardous dusts during ongoing operation, but also to maintain protection during maintenance and servicing work (e.g., a filter change).

In order to ensure product and personal protection, we are also at the cutting edge of technology in terms of containment

Integrated systems

For highest employee protection

Our HETdynamic, equipped with WIP (wash-in-place) and Rabs (restricted-access barrier system) features, gives you a high level of protection with very low workplace concentration. It was specially developed for the application of highly effective products and is explosion pressure shock resistant. For this, like any of our equipment, it does not require additional pressure relief.
The HETdynamic becomes usable in the category OEB 5 by the features WIP and Rabs and thus offers a maximum workplace exposure of <1μg /m3.

HETdynamic with the features

WIP and Rabs
offers you the highest level
an Containment

  • Wash-in-place system
  • Rabs (Glovebox)
  • Safety requirement OEB5
  • Dust contact-free change of protective bag
    by means of safe-change system for filter and dust discharge
  • Clean gas values up to 0.001 mg/m
  • Conductive and explosion pressure shock resistant versions
  • Version with primary filter (working filter) and secondary filter (safety filter)
  • GMP compliant design


Ensures clean air

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Explosion protection

for maximum safety

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